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About Us

A Mortage Loan Company You Can Trust

Who We Are

First Response Mortgage Team was founded in 2021 by Clark Jensen, CEO of Utah Mortgage Loan Corporation.  In seeking a path toward giving back to the first responders in our community who serve a critical role in keeping us safe and secure, Clark partnered with Levi Lloyd and Scott Buchanan, two active duty, municipal law enforcement supervisors with a history of service to their colleagues in the law enforcement community.  Levi and Scott both dove into the world of mortgage loans head first just like any other exciting new special assignment.  Once the arduous testing was complete and state licenses were attained, they flourished under Clark’s leadership, serving as a trusted partner to the entire public safety community and their supporters.  First Response Mortgage Team received a big boost in May 2022 when Scott retired from his role as deputy chief of police with the West Valley City Police Department to take the helm at First Response Mortgage Team.

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What We Do

As a mortgage lender, we have full control in the speed of our in house process. We offer an array of loan options and are happy to work with you and your mortgage loan needs. 

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